Pay Per Cloud Review is a great place to get hosting service and one of the best in the field.

Top reasons to choose

They are not resellers

PayPerCloud is unlike most other hosting companies. They believe quality, reliability and performance are far more important than anything else.

They are not resellers of another hosting company. Any service you order from PayPerCloud comes directly from them.

Safe datacenter location

Your office may be near the fault line, but why put your data and business systems in harms way?  We wouldn’t, and our datacenter is in a seismically stable, hardended, secure facility. Your systems and data will be in good hands.

Business stability

PayPerCloud has been business since 2002. Their business is stable, profitable and reliable. Your business will be in good hands.

Expert, friendly technical support

We don’t outsource our support and we only hire experts in the field. When you talk to a member of their staff, you can be sure that whatever problem you are having with their services, it will be resolved within minutes, not hours or days.

Their guarantees

PayPerCloud has several guarantees to make your experience the best when using any of their services:

  • They do not oversell their servers
  • They do not cut corners
  • Technical support is available within minutes, not hours or days.

High performance network

Their network is fully redundant and their Internet connectivity is made up of the highest performance Internet backbones in the world.


They are not a “one size fits all” hosting company, but a custom solutions house. Whatever you need, from a simple hosting account, to a Windows Server cluster, they can build it for you. As your business grows, feel comfortable in knowing that they can adapt their services to your growth.


They are security experts. Their servers are constantly updated against dangerous forms of attacks and they also keep up with the latest in software development and technologies.

GD Star Rating
Pay Per Cloud, 3.0 out of 5 based on 46 ratings
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13 Reviews of Pay Per Cloud

  1. James says:

    We normally had hosted our own internal Exchange server but needed a quick email solution for our business after our server crashed. Once it became apparent that we were not going to be able to restore our own exchange server quickly, I found pay per cloud and they came to our rescue. They were the only Exchange hosting provider I found that said they could get me up and running right away (hours, not days) so we could continue email services for our business as soon as possible.

    Pay per cloud definitely delivered on their promise. We signed up for Pay per cloud service in the late afternoon, worked with their technical support that night and had 300 user mailboxes set up and ready by the next morning.

    Their sales and support staff have always been quick to respond and we have found their service to be very reliable.

    GD Star Rating
  2. Leigh Scaggs says:

    Paypercloud has always been a great company to work with. They’ve given us rock solid reliability and have always been quick to respond to anything we needed to be addressed. It’s not very often I’ve gotten to deal with a company that gives me top level technical expertise and the feeling of being treated like a personal friend. As we were growing and understanding the options available to us in a hosted Exchange environment, Paypercloud was always right there to get us to the solution we were looking for. Follow up was always good and they seem genuinely concerned about maintaining a very high level of satisfaction in their customers. Highly recommended.

    GD Star Rating
  3. Michelle says:

    I would give these guys a 3 out of 5 overall.

    I’ve used them for a few months now and I feel that their services are overhyped on these reviews. Service-wise, it’s a hit or miss (although it’s mostly pretty good). While most of their technical support is helpful, I’ve had two of them who really didn’t understand what they were talking about. They couldn’t quite answer my questions. After thinking about it afterwards, they probably just started out working for PPC. Regardless, their customer service staff is friendly and polite.

    One of the best that I like about PPC is their uptime. So far, it’s been great! When looking for a hosting service, you want one that is reliable. And this is definitely, not one of the points that I find overhyped about PPC.

    Price-wise, it was decent. Affordable. It’s ok for the kind of service I’m getting so not a lot of complaints their.
    Another thing is their features. I do the fact that I can sync the ipads at a reasonable speed.

    GD Star Rating
  4. Ryan Clark says:

    Our company had been using Google Mail for quite some time, as the development team was heavily Windows and Android based (they didn’t really care for the Mac platform at all). Well, their was a changing of the guards so to speak and it was time for the Macs to take over in our office. Well, we were looking for a better syncing platform, and what we got was Pay Per Cloud Hosting. The syncing is great, especially for Macs and iPhones. The reliability is just as good, if not better than Google. Also, when you need to speak with someone about an issue, you get a truly helpful and knowledgeable representative each time. This company is well worth the money.

    GD Star Rating
  5. Dominque Barris says:

    The features of Pay Per Cloud Hosting are out of this world. I’m a newbie to hosting, but the customer service I received from them was second to none! They are the best! I called one night and it was very late, but I had a problem that I couldn’t find my own answers about. I was amazed that a real person answered the phone and literally guided me through fixing my problem! They’re simply the best! And the set up was simple and pain free it was like they were holding my hand the whole time! Thanks guys! You’re the best!

    GD Star Rating
  6. Mike Hardaker says:

    We were getting frustrated with the lack of features in Gmail since some of us were used to Exchange. We started looking for an email exchange service. Luckily for us without much searching we found Pay Per Cloud Hosting through this site. Their email exchange service offers tons of features that others charge extra for

    THE TEST: A few of our staff members are from the old school of journalism and have been slow to catch on with email. The Pay Per Cloud team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any support, technical questions and best part even walked us through setting up the email step by step over the telephone.

    THE JURY VERDICT: we found that Pay Per Cloud Hosting has the highest rating of any of the other Exchange Hosting Providers on the net, which was a selling point. Thankfully, they did not disappoint.

    RATING: 4.5

    GD Star Rating
  7. Sally Guess says:

    Easy set up, affordable, great customer service and reliability are the best things about Pay Per Cloud Hosting.

    GD Star Rating
  8. Sergio M. says:

    I wasn’t very experience with hosting services, but I very much appreciate that Pay Per Cloud made it very easy for me, a NON-techie, to understand and use their service. That took untold amounts of patience on their part. My new smart phone (it is an Android, which probably is smarter than I am!) is connected and getting my email and calendar appointments. Yeah! All of their systems seem very easy to use. Oh, did I metnion that they handled moving all of my email over to their system, for FREE? I hear that “Cloud” is the future, and I am glad these guys made it easy for me at a great value.

    GD Star Rating
  9. Mike says:

    I was very pleased with the Pay Per Cloud Service! I have both a iPhone and a tablet from Dell. They helped me with both of them and I got synced fast! It’s great knowing that I am protected from both spam and viruses with using this service. They worked hard with me and also responded to me fast. I am so glad that I decided to go with them and I don’t regret my decision at all. I was so frustrated with not having my little gadgets synced but now, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I highly recommend them!

    GD Star Rating
  10. Mimi says:

    There are a million web hosting companies to choose from but there are not many with the level of customer service that is provided by Pay Per Cloud Hosting. Most web hosting services will communicate with you by email if they communicate with you at all. Trying to get a human who actually speaks English on the phone is next to impossible and if you are tying to resolve anything in a timely manner you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. The Pay Per Cloud staff answered my calls with little or no time on hold, were polite, and resourceful and resolved my problems quickly. Other hosting services do not begin to provide this level of service. Thanks Pay Per Cloud for your excellent work!!

    GD Star Rating
  11. Monique says:

    Pay Per cloud was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m extremely happy with them!
    As i’m relatively new to websites and hosting, I needed a lot of help – they have an INCREDIBLY fast serice team who helped me every step of the way and as they are based in the U.S I was happy to note my enquiries weren’t lost in translation!
    There is a very human characteristic behind the team and they really seemed to care. I would recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

    GD Star Rating
  12. Juanita says:

    Great customer service and great product.

    GD Star Rating
  13. SVGWEB says:

    Great company, I have to say they are really helpful and easy to work with.

    GD Star Rating

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